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Since 1984 we’ve enjoyed the privilege of working with many individuals and organisations in South Africa; giving us the opportunity to develop a unique range of programs for personal and leadership development.

Success in life involves more than academic achievement! A good education, IQ, luck, talent, good looks, and access to money are all things that improve our chances of success, but nothing is more important than having the right mental attitude – which is our core business!

We strongly emphasise the virtues of tolerance and mutual respect, encouraging the ethos of being more concerned with delivering on your responsibilities than demanding your rights. In this context we expand on the words of J F Kennedy; ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what you can do for your country!’ And consequently, challenge students with:

“Ask not what your friends can do for you, but rather what you can do for your friends. Ask not what your family can do for you, but rather what you can do for your family. Ask not what your school can do for you, but rather what you can do for your school... and so on.”




In our competitive and fast changing world, everyone should be on a program of Continuous Personal Development (CPD). Every day people are hard at work to serve society by improving their products, services, stories, talents, skills and many other resources. Those who have made their way to the top through honest, hard work know how important it is to stay ahead. They are committed to improve constantly and allow little room for mediocrity or complacency.

Our aim is to help people establish the mind-set that has helped ordinary people produce extraordinary results. Learning from the history of great pioneers, entrepreneurs and other leaders we shift the focus on improving the things that you can control, instead of whining about things that you cannot control. We put into context many myths: for instance, many people have been taught that knowledge is power; when in reality, knowledge is not power but potential power. What we know doesn’t count for much, it is what we do with what we know that truly matters.

Today’s people spend a fortune on education, which is a great help to get a good start in life - but it offers no guarantees. Someone could study for years to become a doctor but if he stops there, he risks being out of touch within a few years. Whilst his education will always be relevant, the world will continue to advance and make changes in medicine, medical procedures, technologies etc. Consequently, we must align our thinking with global changes. Another case in point is this: There is a growing shortage of jobs worldwide, but there is no shortage of the work that needs to be done to improve our world. We must therefore, focus less on others guaranteeing our jobs and more on guaranteeing that we are able to deliver the necessary work.

Generally, people see leaders as the loud and forceful, or those who have been appointed to be in charge. Some claim that leaders are born and that not everyone is a leader. We differ: believing rather that most people have the potential to lead, in one way or another. And those who have a natural inclination to lead must develop the talent, and not expect it to develop on its own – as we do with all other talent, like music or sport, etc.

There are many different ways to lead and each individual must define the most suitable leadership style. We emphasise that the best way to lead is by inspiration rather than by force. We showcase how great leaders and champions are often developed through difficult circumstances, and how they rise to challenge of making good from bad.

We aim to develop more youngsters who will dare to accept the challenge to lead, set the right example, provide moral direction and unite rather than divide-society.

It is our belief that future global leadership competencies will develop around the theme: ‘Much more could be achieved if people worked more to improve our world, and cared less about who gets the credit!’


We offer programs as self-service or facilitated by our specialist life strategists. This may include any or all of the following:

Group coaching
1:1 Private coaching
Audio and video messages
Electronic Customer support
Motivational messages
Virtual/Online sessions
Simple and effective material for lifetime use
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Young Achievers Junior (age 9-12)
Accountability, Motivation, Creativity, Doubt, Fear and Worry, Learning is fun, Potential, Attitude, Time and Balance, The Power of Words, Self-image, Perseverance, Goal direction, Focus and Vision, Choices & Consequences, Learning skills
Young LEADERS (age 16-18)
The Young Leaders’ Program uses Teen Achievers base to emphasise: Leadership by Inspiration, Purpose, Vision & Passion, Momentum & Progress, Synergy and Teamwork, Management, Imagination, Communication, Assertiveness, Stability, Integrity, Productivity, Priorities, Mental Strength
Teen Achievers (age 13-18)
The Teen Achiever Program expands on the Young Achiever program, but substitutes Learning Skills with: Money Matters, Understanding Adolescence Power and Influence
Life’s Achievers (age 18+)
Responsibility, Choices, Attitude, Confidence, Self-Control, Perseverance, Self-Image, Potential, Freedom, Respect, Influence, Sowing and Reaping, Goals, Justice, Vision, Balance, Motivation, Time, Integrity, Money, Visualisation, Energy, Courage
Leadership By Inspiration (Age 18+)
Uses the Life’s Achievers Program base and expands on leadership fundamentals
Goal setting, Self-image, Introduction to Leadership, Teamwork, Making the right choices, Learn for Life (Study Skills), Responsibility...

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