helping people realise their true potential

Students are coached to search for their unique potential instead of comparing themselves with others. We cover the following issues: accountability, creativity, attitude, choices and consequences, self-image and self-esteem, goal direction, focus and vision, motivation, potential, time management, perseverance and more. Further attention is given to understanding others, caring and sharing, coping with bullies and critics, aggression, fear, doubt, worry etc.

Weekly sessions are about one hour long and take place on weekday afternoons. During holidays we introduce the teens to different aspects of life through interesting outings like, go-kart racing, canoeing etc. This is all supported with a simple parenting guide to help parents get the best from their children. Further support may allow for ongoing personal development.

We provide specialized facilitating, individual or in small groups, to allow for individual attention. Typically this program takes six to eight months to complete but this can be varied to suit different circumstances. It include tests and progress reports, holiday outings, service-orientated facilitators and some very simple and exciting material and assignments - which can be used by the whole family! Distant learning is also an option.